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Advait TamhaneyAdvait Tamhaney

My Father was diagnosed with Chronic Kidney Disease wherein the kidney filtration rate was less than 10%. Due to this he was prescribed Hemodialysis thrice a week. Hemodialysis gives the patient a new life, but it has its own side effects. My father started to get severe muscle cramps, restlessness, insomnia and his mood was always irritable.

VIJAYA Capsules, in true sense has given him a new life, as it helps him to get rid of muscle cramps, he sleeps better. He is now in a calm and happy mood.

I thank Vedi Herbals for coming up with such an effective natural medicine. It has really helped my father beyond imagination.

Dr Sayed Tahir Hassan, MBBS ,MD .  KGN CLINICDr Sayed Tahir Hassan, MBBS ,MD . KGN CLINIC

I am so happy that you took the initiative and started bringing out cannabis-infused-medicines for the welfare of the sick and suffering. I had ordered VIJAYA CAPSULES and tested on three individuals.

1) A lady of 60yrs suffering from Parkinson's disease since last 7yrs. After effective selection of the dosages, in a week's time, she is able to stand up without support and her appetite also returned. She had issues with muscular cramps which has resolved.

22days after taking continuing with VIJAYA CAPSULE, she is doing better with Parkinson's disease. No pains, no cramps, no numbness, and her life has changed to be better.

She is still continuing her old medicines along with Vijaya cap. Her appetite has returned, she is able to pass motions, and most importantly she is able to walk on her with minimal support. She is guiding her maids in their day to day jobs. This is amazing change that I have been able to see in her.

2) A lady of 41yrs who is suffering from Sciatica with sleeplessness due to pain and restlessness in legs, is relieved of restless legs and pain has subsided to such an extent that she can sleep for 4-6hours. She is getting lightheaded feeling in the morning with slight nausea.

I shall keep you posted and will be happy to share the results.

Dilip Singh BhatiDilip Singh Bhati

Thank you for providing the cannabis (VIJAYA) oil for my autistic son. Since I started giving him the oil, he is improving bit by bit. The progress is slow but looks steady as of now.
He is much more clam & concentrated. Cannabis oil and therapy combination is what i am doing currently for him and looks i am on correct path as of now.
Always recommended

Vinay GeorgeVinay George

First of all let me thank you for providing me with the best remedy I could find which was so close to NSAID. I have been mixing VIJAYA Capsules along with Shallaki to give me more than just good results but with a confidence that it may not give me any side effects. I would recommend this to all those people who have issues like pain, anxiety, no to less appetite and insomnia . Definitely worth a try.

Pratik RaviyaPratik Raviya

My father suffering for Parkinson's disease(PD) and I used VIJAYA medicine for him. After taking this medicine he got benefits as showing improvement in sleep , increasing appetizer , relieving in joint pain and its work as a pain killer and also betterment in mood . One capsule effects remain for 3 to 4 hours and after that need to take another and PD patients suffering from tremors and my father has in right hand and leg. Not significant improvement in tremor because of this medicine.
Not any side effects and problems are accrued from this medicine.
Non addictive medicine.
100% suggestible medicine
Thank you Sourab ji for doing great job because in India this type of medicine(100% natural) not available easily

Nandita PattnaikNandita Pattnaik

I am taking GUDMAR tablets which have lowered my blood sugar level. It is now normal. As I am a diabetic since 15 years this is a miracle for me. I am very much thankful to vedi Herbals.

Harsh GuptaHarsh Gupta

GUDUCHHI capsules from Vedi Herbals have helped me overcome cough and cold allergies which I used to have very frequently earlier.

Dr Parthasarathy. Director & CMO,  SDJ Ayurvedalaya, CoimbatoreDr Parthasarathy. Director & CMO, SDJ Ayurvedalaya, Coimbatore

This is to inform that we are very much satisfied with the excellent results of using SARPAGANDHA GHANVATI from Vedi Herbals in conditions of insomnia and even in condition of mild pain and more specifically VIJAYA was extremely effective in a case of chronic insomnia where the patient had a 8 hours sound sleep on day 1 of using VIJAYA and there was no appreciable side effects on using it. During the night however just one person had a feeling (slight) of mild intoxication when we gave a 1:1 dosage during the day. Its actually a blessing in disguise to be able to use this wonder drug in most ethical way with hardly any side effects including addictive feeling.

Mr Debasis RoyMr Debasis Roy

I am the regular customer from your company. I used to purchase the Shallaki capsules from you on the recommendation of an ayurvedic doctor since I have a prolonged joint problem.

The medicine recommended by the doctor is undoubtly effective for the patients with no side effects who are with arthritis problems.

In fine, it is a good medicine to use

Ishwarya GIshwarya G

I've been topping up after every bottle of VEDI Castile Unscented Liquid Soap gets used. I enjoy using your product as it gentle on my skin and doesn't cause any dryness.

I also enjoy experimenting with various formulas as Vedi is versatile and can be combined with different scents and essential oils.

Thanks for bringing this product into the Indian market. Very happy with it. Wish more people knew the value and benefits