Our Story


A worldwide revolution.

The world is hailing Hemp as the environment-friendly, sustainable and economy boosting wonder plant with tons of health boosting properties.

The credit for this massive and much-awaited perception shift towards hemp goes to improved awareness, ongoing research and revised laws. Recent legalization in many US states has created a worldwide revolution to rethink out approach towards the crop that has been known and used since ancient times in India.

As a student of the cannabis plant, this worldwide movement had a profound impact on our founder, Sourab Agarwal, and he conceptualized an organization that would help spread the true benefits of Cannabis and Hemp to the world. After all, the active constituent with psychoactive and anti- psychoactive properties of the plant, which made it popular for recreational use, is just one its qualities and purpose.

HempCann Solutions was born with the ethics, understanding and good science at its core. Our foundations were fair trade and elimination of child labour. We aim in creating a socially conscious business model and spread awareness about its dramatic positive ecological, economic and health benefits.

We are proud to be a part of the global revolution that gives the cannabis plant the respect it deserves.

Why Cannabis & Hemp

Cannabis, one of earliest plants to be domesticated, has been known and used for medicinal purposes since 5000 B.C. in Central Asia. Believe it or not, in Ayurveda it is referred as the “Vijaya”, meaning “conqueror”, to justify its potency in managing an ever growing list of disorders and diseases.

Industrial Hemp has evolved into more than 25,000 products including health and body care products, fiber, fuel, construction material, paper and plastic alternative, to name a few. Not only it has a wide variety of uses, but is also offers remarkable environmental and economic benefits.

Hemp is a fast-growing plant, that is very resistant to pests and this require negligible pesticide. It can easily grow in any climate and soil conditions and does not require irrigation. Amazingly help improves soil quality by cleaning up soil and ground water from pollutions and toxins. The crop is tightly spaced making efficient use of land and minimizing weed growth. It is considered a natural and efficient substitute for cotton, as it uses land more proficiently, needs less pesticide and water for cultivation.

Now, since it finds use in a wide variety of industries, it sells with big profits. This makes it an environmentally sustainable plant with economic benefits for the farmer and complete ecosystem.

Studies and research has shown that Hemp has a lot of potential in treatment of various disorders and chronic diseases including cancer, nausea, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, depression and pain management without exerting harmful side effects.

Raw hemp seeds are incredibly nutritious and can help lower blood pressure and cholesterol, accelerate weight loss, improve one’s immune system, control blood sugar levels, and even reduce inflammation. Hemp seeds are also loaded with essential amino acids, fatty acids and protein.

Hemp is also great for hair and skin care as it is brimming with nutrition, moisturizing fatty acids and omegas along with replenishing EFAs. Hemp seed oil has shown promising results in treating chronic skin disorders including eczema, psoriasis and skin cancer.


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