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Our products can be categorised as dietic supplements, Ayurvedic medicines, body care products.

Cannabis Infused Medicines:

Cannabis is known in India as an Ayurvedic medicine since 1400-2000 BCE. Medicinal Cannabis has finally required attention and awareness, thanks to the ongoing research proving its miraculous benefits.

Medicinal Cannabis have abundant potential to treat various disorders and chronic diseases including cancer, nausea, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, depression and pain management without exerting harmful side effects. Cannabis may be prescribed either alone or in combination with other herbs or mineral substances, according to the patient’s medical needs. It is very effective to treat pain, anxiety, digestive disorders, inflammation, dysentery, sexual prowess, and many more.

Vedi Herbals uses 100% vegetarian, best quality cannabis to formulate the Ayurvedic medicines. Cannabis is very safe to use and has no known toxicity. It stimulates the endocannabinoid system of the body, which lead to an overall well-being & homeostasis. Beyond the effects of cannabis on body, it can work wonders for the mental health. The herb has been aptly named as Vijaya, because it helps us gain victory over so many ailments. So, use Vijaya to attain “aarogya” and “swasthya”!

Ayurvedic Medicines:

Our Ayurvedic range can help heal a number of ailments. These are 100% natural and authentic preparations. Our Ashwangandha churna protects the heart, aids good sleep and adds vitality to life. Gudmar tablets helps control blood sugar and regulates diabetes, Shallaki capsules give relief from muscular and arthritic pain, Bilvadi churna improves gut health.

Nutraceutical Products:

Nutraceutical product is a food or fortified food product that not only supplements the diet but also assists in treating or preventing disease (apart from anaemia). Some of these are innovations which have stemmed from our research. Anona which is Graviola fruit powder has the ability to fight cancer cells, our Arjuna tablets can strengthen your heart.

Body care:

We specialize and are probably the only Indian company making authentic Castile soaps. These soaps are available in liquid and bar form. Apart from unscented soaps we have soaps in Lavender, Lime and Lemon himalayan, Cedarwood and Patchouli, Tulsi and Peppermint fragrance. Each ingredient has been chosen with care and has its own benefits for human body.

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